Teeth Whitening

Many people associate professional teeth whitening with movie stars and models - but in fact, it is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry.
Mesa Teeth Whitening StockStained or discolored teeth are very common among adults of all ages, and come from a variety of sources, such as:
Red wine
Some medications





Teeth whitening methods

There are two popular methods for whitening available through Dr. Rakesh D. Pema:


  • In Office:

This technique offers the fastest results with the most powerful whitening solutions available. First, your gums and tooth-root surfaces will be covered with a protective barrier to ensure your safety. A thin plastic device known as a retractor will hold your lips and cheeks away from your teeth as a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel is applied. The gel will be left on for about an hour. When it is removed, the results will be obvious immediately.


  • At Home:

The second method involves the use of take home whitening kits. These whitening kits are purchased from the Pema Dental Center for home use. The strength of the gel used in these kits is lower than that used for in-office bleaching, but stronger than the kits you may buy in store. Due to the strength of the gel, the trays are worn a couple hours a day or overnight for a few days or weeks, depending on the product.

Its best to consult your dentist, Dr. Rakesh D. Pema, to understand which whitening option is best for you. Call our Mesa AZ office today at (480) 832-9199 to find out more!

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